About JPC Community Farm

Supporting You & Yours

Our charitable aims are to provide relief for people with complex needs by reason of health and disability.

JPC Community Farm is a registered charity (No. 1172634), established on 19th April 2017 by former Police Officer Paul Connaughton and his wife Julie.  As parents of James Paul Connaughton, after whom our charity is named, they identified considerable local need for improved provision for people with disabilities and other complex needs.  Together they have considerable lived experience of the needs and challenges facing people with disabilities, including those with learning and physical disabilities as well as other complex needs.  This helps ensure all support we deliver meets the specific needs of young people with special needs.  

"If it's not good enough for James, it is not good enough for anyone else's son or daughter"
Paul connaughton

The reason behind the farm

Meet James

James Paul Connaughton is 22 years old and has an older sister Abbi aged 29. James has been diagnosed with hypotonia and Cerebral Palsy and in 2018 a rare genetic disorder called Pura Syndrome he is 225th in the world. James is a happy and extremely mischievous young man and loves life, cars, motorbikes, and Bin Wagons. He has a love of music and anything musical and enjoys time on his iPad.

Ethical & Caring

Our Philosophy

Passionate People

Being able to watch our son thrive means we want the same experience for others. Knowing our children are going to be looked after well into the future allows us to live for the here and now.

Working With Our Son

To date the journey with James has offered a whole host of emotions and the one that stands out is happiness and pride. We want you to enjoy the same feelings for your children.

Personal Satisfaction

There is no bigger reward than watching your children learn new skills whilst growing in confidence. We gain greater satisfaction knowing that we helped make a difference and we want the same for you.