Care Farm

Animals play a huge part here at JPC Community Farm. We currently have an entire menagerie of creatures including rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, horses, cats and even a snake! During lambing season, beneficiaries have the opportunity to feed our neighbouring lambs, an activity that’s extremely popular each year!

Musical Therapy Garden

What better way to embrace sound therapy than in the beautiful outdoors? Our fantastic musical therapy garden includes a whole host of instruments for visitors to enjoy. Benefits include decision making, confidence, self expression, communication and of course, an abundance of laughter.


Get green with us! Another fantastic activity guaranteed to fully intrigue each of the five senses. Gardening sessions at JPC are educational, varied and above all, lots of fun. Guests have the opportunity to plant seeds in their own personally painted pots and can enjoy watching them grow.

Forest Walks

Become one with nature whilst adventuring into the forest. Fresh air, trees and animals offer a mere snapshot of the benefits offered during this activity. Beneficiaries thoroughly enjoy forest walks as we collect beautiful leaves and pine cones, admire the greenery and experience the feel of the air. The animal rubbings will add to the adventure. Can you find all 6?

JPC Community Farm is a registered charity (No. 1172634), established on 19th April 2017 by former Police Officer Paul Connaughton and his wife Julie.

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This is a space full of caring people who truly want the best for all beneficiaries and residents. We cater for young adults who require specialist care, providing them with the opportunity to grow independently, while flourishing in a safe, creative space. Supported by a well trained, passionate and dedicated team.