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An 8-week specially developed training course looking at the skills necessary for employment and education.

This course runs over 8 weeks working with European Social Funding (ESF) and local Job Centres.

Week 1 is a full day introduction, followed by 7 weeks of morning sessions.

What we cover…

Session 1) Communication, Getting to know you, Setting goals, Baseline.

Session 2) CV and Motivation

Session 3) Skills and interests

Session4) Work experience – Skill building – review week

Session 5) Work experience – Skill building

Session 6) Interviews – What to wear, body language, personal hygiene, techniques, questions

Session 7) Applying for jobs/colleges •Filling in forms •Making visit plans •Planning the future

Session 8) Set leave date – sessions to follow Type of route and Exit assessment

ESF funding grant has allowed this course to run at the farm previously helping 25 young people with learning disability to engage with further education and employment. 

Start dates vary so get in touch for details of when the next one will be starting! 

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