JPC Community Farm

Working With Further Education

At JPC Training for independence we provide bespoke courses for young people living with a disability, over the age of 16.

We have small group sizes (ratio 1 staff member to 3 young people) to offer bespoke courses to each individual client. Our high quality training levels ensures clients get the very best out of sessions in order to develop independent living skills.

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Come and join us at JPC community farm!

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  • Trying hard and are determined to succeed?
  • Enjoy the outdoors?
  • Prefer the outdoors?
  • Like to have fun?
  • Like to learn new skills?
  • Like to learn in a safe and friendly environment?

A Brighter Future

Further Education Experiences

We have further education colleges which include Prior Pursglove college, Guisborough. Our subcontract allows us to nurture vulnerable young people in smaller teaching groups to fulfil their potential by doing accredited courses. These include functional Maths and English and entry level diploma in independent living.

All courses are carried out in a fun and meaningful way whilst making use of all the facilities JPC Community Farm has to offer. As part of the course, volunteering is a key aspect. This can be carried out in whatever interest area individuals may have.

What We Believe In

Our Core Values

  • Improve quality of lifestyle, learning, mental health & wellbeing
  • Increase confidence, communication, independent living & motivation
  • Reduce isolation, depression & rejection
  • Prevent loneliness & reclusion
  • Provide a safe & caring environment for a happy & enjoyable life