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The dream...

We are currently in the final stages of a grant through the National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. We are also in the final stages for a grant for 2 buildings for the Care Farm through the Wolfson Foundation. We are hoping to hear from both applications in the next 6-8 weeks. In the short term, we are planning to have 2 portakabin style teaching rooms available at the farm to offer primary and secondary SEN Schools the opportunity to learn about Animal Husbandry and become the care giver rather than the care receiver. This will have a huge influence on their well being. We are looking at adding a number of medium size animals like Pygmy goats, pigs, Shetland ponies and Alpacas to name but a few. In the next few years, we are hoping to reach out to a broader base of beneficiaries suffering with Special Needs and adding some larger animal like cows, donkeys and Llamas. The long term goal is to become a centre of excellence for Animal Husbandry and Welfare with our own in house breeding and nurturing program.

The Yorkshire Vet

"I have been connected with JPC community farm for a number of years, after an exciting introduction by a friend, Matthew Garner, who has been instrumental in its establishment and who benefits greatly from the community. As a practising veterinary surgeon, I hope to make connections and help bring animals to the farm. The benefits that animals can bring to all of us are immense, and I’m sure that they will add to the fantastic and stimulating environment on site. I was thrilled and delighted to have been invited to become a patron at this wonderful charity and I look forward to watching JPC community farm develop from strength to strength."- Julian Norton (The Yorkshire Vet)

Use a Range of Senses

Animals are so important for numerous reasons such as sensory perception and learning to care for a living creature. Animals bring fun, company and laughter whilst promoting nurture and care. Here at JPC Community Farm we have a wonderful care farm, a space the majority of our beneficiaries instantly fall in love with.

Enjoy the Animals

We have a whole range of wonderful animals to investigate and enjoy including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chickens and even a snake! During lambing season, there’s opportunity to feed neighbouring lambs, an activity that always goes down a treat! Courses on handling the pets will soon be available, please get in touch for details.

JPC Community Farm is a registered charity (No. 1172634), established on 19th April 2017 by former Police Officer Paul Connaughton and his wife Julie.

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This is a space full of caring people who truly want the best for all beneficiaries and residents. We cater for young adults who require specialist care, providing them with the opportunity to grow independently, while flourishing in a safe, creative space. Supported by a well trained, passionate and dedicated team.